Caring for Your Musician’s Ears


Sound systems and headphones are a very popular piece of technology lately. We want the best sound for our music listening or video watching. But how is our hearing being effected by these sound systems?

Musicians, professionals and amateurs, practice daily, often for hours at a time.  Many times they use small spaces with confined sound and reverberation.  How are their ears being damaged by this ongoing practice and sound?

Recently, a man in Minneapolis suffered a ruptured eardrum at a concert which inspired him to create ear plugs specifically for concert goers and musicians.

“That ear ringing you hear after a concert is the start of irreversible hearing damage,” said Mann, a live-music fan who had not worn plugs before his ear drum popped. The American Academy of Audiology recommends ear plugs when someone is around sounds that exceed 85 decibels. Rock concerts can exceed 100 decibels.

You have many options for Musician Ear Plugs today. Taking care of your hearing is a vital component to your health.  Musicians who practice regularly need to protect themselves from long-term damage.  This is easily accomplished with high-end ear plugs, or the simple foam ones you can purchase at any drugstore.  Music aficionados and sound system buffs need to also keep this in mind when they attend their next concert or turn up the volume on their at-home theater.

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