A Tax Upon Your House – "The 40 percenters"

On May 3rd voters who reside in Tipp City will have a chance to vote for a .025% increase in the income tax rate,...

Tipp City Schools:Anti-Catholic or Simply Vindictive?

Tipp Students going to St. Chris will be home really late tonight. As the Tipp City School Board comes off its Town Hall Meeting to discuss a 5 year financial plan for improved buildings, facilities and services, catholic families in the School District will have to re-think their transportation options for their kids.

Florida Talk—January 12

From Greg Enslen.com: Events, activities and other hometown items going on in and around Vero Beach and Orlando, Florida, by Greg Enslen Last week, my family and...

We need a hero [costume]

A super hero could balance work, home, spouse, and kids effortlessly. Maybe I can too.