Bury The Mummy Spats

As between spouses or longtime lovers, America--or its political parties, rather--really suffer only one Argument; all other disagreements in the relationship are but proxies for the Big One. Between lovers, the fights are about time, control, sex or money.

Marking 9/11

In the intervening years, our public discourse has soured. It is acceptable in polite company to suggest the President of the United States intends to kill your grandmother, or to accuse him of lying during a joint session of Congress. Loaded vocabulary once relegated to Birchers, like "one-world-government", "state sovereignty" and "socialist takeover," find homes in the mouths of bona fide leaders.

The Importance of an Education

I was born in the early 70's & as I've grown up I have watched the United States change & grow for the better & sometimes for the worse. I have never been a very political person. But I, like anyone else, have some strong views about certain things. There have been a lot of opinions in the news recently about the political state of the country.