Get the most from your hearing aid batteries


Today most hearing aids run off a disposable battery instead of being rechargeable. On average, these small batteries will last approximately 8 days for a person using their hearing aids all day. Some wearers need only one hearing aid on a single side while many need two, therefore throughout a calendar year, a double-sided wearer will go through about 91 batteries.

These batteries can be purchased in regular grocery-style stores, from your audiologist’s office, or online. Traditionally they are the cheapest when buying from an online retailer. Companies selling on Amazon offer a variety of brands to choose from. Power One, a battery made in Germany, offers 60 batteries for around 16 dollars, or a little over 26 cents per battery. For those who prefer a brand name they’ve used before, Duracell offers the same amount of batteries for 19 dollars, coming out to about 32 cents per battery. By searching out the best priced, and most efficient battery, double-sided users can save themselves big money each year by taking the time to research a plan. There are many options for brands and size of packages. Try a few samples from each brand and decide which one works best for you before committing to a six-month supply.

Once you’ve got your batteries it’ll be up to you to make the most of their function ability. Priority number one is to preserve the sticker that covers the back of the battery when you first remove it from the package. Never remove the sticker from a battery until you are ready to use it. Since hearing aid batteries use zinc-air technology, they begin draining the moment the sticker has been removed. Even if you are a user that opens the battery door at night to turn it “off” unless you recover the small holes on the battery with the sticker or even a small piece of scotch tape the battery is still draining. Although covering the holes may not completely stop the drain, the decrease in available oxygen will slow the battery drain and allow you to get as much as a few extra days from your batteries.

Remember to keep the batteries stored at room temperature. Some people recommend refrigerating batteries to make them last longer but in actuality, it could shorten the life of zinc-air batteries. It is also best to keep batteries in their package and away from metal items like coins and keys to help them last as long as they should.

Although there are many things to consider, the best idea is to do your own testing to figure out which hearing aid batteries are going to work for you. If you have any questions about your hearing aid batteries or other hearing concerns please contact us.

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