Hearing and Your Health: It’s About More Than Just Your Ears


Hearing loss is something that almost everyone experiences in one form or another — either with themselves, with a family member, or with a friend. Having trouble understanding what’s going on around you negatively affects your quality of life and can frustrate those who love and/or interact with you. The loss of one’s hearing is not always just about your ears, however. For many, it’s a surprise to learn that hearing and your health overall are oftentimes connected.

Medical Conditions that can Cause Advanced Hearing Loss:

Cardiovascular Disease

It’s now believed that a person’s heart, veins, and arteries — when healthy — have a positive effect on hearing, because the inner ear is very sensitive to blood flow. Therefore, when the heart becomes damaged, the inadequate blood flow to the body also affects the ability to hear properly.

Renal Disease

People with moderate kidney problems often experience hearing loss. Tissues in the inner ear and in the kidney are structurally similar and work in a similar manner. So when the kidneys are chronically damaged and toxins accumulate, inner ear function can suffer damage as well.


Hearing loss is also a complication associated with diabetes. It’s estimated that a diabetic is twice as likely to experience a problem as someone without the disease. Even those with blood glucose levels higher than normal, but who are not diabetic, have a higher rate of hearing loss than those with normal blood sugar.

These are just a few possible causes, among many, associated with loss of hearing. If you’re experiencing hearing loss, contact us today. Our hearing professionals will thoroughly test and evaluate your condition, address your concerns, answer your questions, and recommend the best solutions for your individual needs.

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