Hearing and Your Health


Hearing and your health is about more than just how well you hear. Studies have shown that people who experience hearing lost also experience other health issues and discomfort in their lives. Here are some of the health conditions that go along with hearing loss.

Brain Health

Hearing loss affects the brain’s total ability to function. Your memory declines more rapidly with hearing loss. A cochlear implant, which replaces damaged parts of the ear and improves hearing, can also improve cognitive function along with attentiveness, focus and mental flexibility.

Public Embarrassment

Hearing loss can lead to people becoming more introverted. People who are hard of hearing may have to ask others to repeat themselves more than is normal. They may also have difficulty speaking in a normal tone of voice. These conditions take their toll over time, and cause people to prefer not interacting with others rather than dealing with the difficulty of communication.

Emotional Health

For many reasons, people who experience hearing loss also have problems with their emotional health. The difficulty in communication and the subsequent introversion may affect people’s emotions, but it may also be the lack of sensory information as a whole. Studies have shown that sensory deprivation depresses brain activity, which eventually makes its way throughout the body.

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