Hearing Tests and What They Do


There are a variety of hearing tests out there. Why you need the tests determine which tests you take.

Did you notice a change in your hearing? There are tests to determine whether or not you are suffering from hearing loss. 

What is the cause of your hearing loss? There are tests to determine that, too.

Hearing Tests

The first test done is a physical exam. The doctor has a set of questions to ask you about your symptoms: when did it begin, was it gradual or sudden, and more. 

After receiving answers, he or she looks into your ear. It is possible that you have an ear infection or wax build-up in your ear. At this point, they treat it to see if the hearing loss goes away. If it does not go away, then they send you to an audiologist.

An audiologist is a doctor who specializes in audiology, or the study of hearing. They know the tests needed to diagnosis a hearing loss and determine whether or not you need hearing aids.

This hearing test is more comprehensive. During this test, the audiologist puts you into a sound proof sound booth, and you wear headphones or earphones (depends on where you go). A series of sounds go through the headphones one ear at a time. You hear a range of tones, and you raise your hand if you hear the tone. 

There is also a speech recognition test. This determines whether or not you understand speech without lip-reading. The audiologist reads a list of words, and you repeat those words back. The tones and words get quieter and softer to find the point you cannot hear or understand. 

These hearing tests are the most important when it comes to determining hearing loss. At Hearing Professionals, we provide the best service to help you find answers. 

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