How Much Should Website Maintenance Cost


Website maintenance feels, to many businesses, like a necessary evil: it’s not something that you appreciate, but rather, something that you simply have to take care of. As a result, many times, it’s pushed to the bottom of your budget. How much should website maintenance cost? In order to understand the price you’re paying, start by asking yourself a few key questions.

How much does it cost when your website is down? Downtime can have a huge negative impact on your website’s functionality–and on customers’ willingness to trust your website. Think about this:

  • A customer who is in a hurry to get an item ordered may turn to one of your competitors instead of ordering from you
  • A new customer who can’t get an order placed won’t wait for you to get the website back up; instead, they’ll quickly make a decision for one of your competitors instead
  • Downtime for your website can mean lost customer service opportunities, missed chances to connect with new customers, and decreased customer satisfaction with your brand

How much will it cost if your website is hacked? Modern website maintenance doesn’t just mean keeping it running smoothly. It also means keeping your website running securely. A hacker who is able to acquire private customer information, from financial transaction data to confidential data stored on your servers, can spell disaster for your entire business. Hackers can also place viruses in your system or even bring your whole website crashing down. Keeping your website secure helps keep hackers at bay and prevent the disaster that could come from their access to your website.

What’s the long-term impact of a website that isn’t functioning smoothly? Your website going down for an hour today might lose you only a handful of sales. Long-term, however, you have to consider the possibility that you’re losing more than just the sales of the moment.

  • An outage may be all it takes for a long-term customer to realize that a competitor has a better rewards program or a better price on items that they buy on a regular basis
  • Outages can prevent you from acquiring customers who could have had long-term relationships with your company
  • Repeated outages can lead to decreased overall customer happiness with your business.

What’s the cost of a client? How much is each of your clients worth over the course of a month? A year? What about their lifetime value? When you understand how much each customer is worth, it’s easier to calculate the value of regular website maintenance that will keep it up and running more efficiently. Keep in mind that downtime, hackers, and other issues might not lose you a single customer. It could be ten customers, twenty, or more–and that’s every time your website goes down.

How many changes are you making to your website? Ideally, your website maintenance should be flexible. You want to keep up with regular maintenance, from cleaning up broken links to enhancing your security as new threats arise across the industry, but you also want to be sure that your website is flexible according to your needs. How often do you need to add, delete, or change the material that’s available on your website? Your website maintenance plan should be flexible enough to allow for regular changes to your site without breaking your budget.

When you consider the cost of failing to properly maintain your website, suddenly, the price tag for website maintenance doesn’t seem so high. If you’re ready to start working with a company that will provide the website maintenance plans you need, contact us today to learn how we can help you make the most out of your website.

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