How to Become a Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser



You should never put a price on your five senses. From sight to taste, hearing to touch, all of these senses impact the human experience.┬áNow, what if you are interested in helping others experience these higher end listening devices? You need to become a licensed hearing aid dispenser. Unlike other items for sale, you can’t just open up shop and start listing your hearing aids. Once you have become a licensed hearing aid dispenser, you can then go about with offering these hearing aids to your community.


In order to qualify for a license, you need to be sponsored. All hearing aid dispenser licenses are offered by the state government and local license boards. To start your licensing, you need to find a current licensed hearing aid dispenser to act as your sponsor. Perhaps this is another business you wish to open a branch for or perhaps you are not going to be in the same competitive area. Either way, you need to locate the sponsor.

Options Outside of Sponsoring

Should receiving a sponsorship prove too difficult, you have a few other options. First, you can work for a hearing aid company or dispenser’s office. Having knowledge on the topic is a must, and this shows you have the kind of knowledge required to receiving the license. Outside of this, studying on the topic of hearing aids on your own, including recent advancements, technology used and reading up on scientific journals is necessary as the only way you can obtain your license is to have substantial knowledge on the topic.


Your state does not just hand out licenses to anyone. You need to prove your knowledge by passing a state exam. To do this, you must contact your state license board to determine when the next hearing aid dispenser examination for a license is offered. You can also find out if there are additional requirements. Some states have different levels of requirements to qualify for the exam. When applying for the exam, you will need a birth certificate, immunization records and typically information on your education background.

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