Is the Lyric hearing aid right for you?



Here is a Lyric Hearing Aid Review to help you decide if this is the hearing aid for you. The Phonak hearing aid is billed as 100% invisible and hassle free device. This is the only hearing aid that can be worn all day and for months at a time. This includes wearing the hearing aid during bath time, exercising and while asleep.

Lifetime battery

The battery will last several months, but when it becomes discharged you will need to remove the hearing aid and exchange it for a brand new device. Therefore the device can last for months at a time, but when the battery does die, you’ll have to have an appointment with your provider to put a new device in. The battery is designed to last on average between two to four months continuous wear.

How does the hearing aid work?

After a hearing evaluation to ensure your hearing in an optimal range for the device, you can be fitted with a Lyric on the spot. Lyric is suitable for people with mild to high pitch hearing loss but not ideal for those with severe hearing loss. Also the shape and size of your ear is critical in determining if you are a suitable candidate.


It is possible to adjust the hearing aid like traditional digital hearing aids. Lyric hearing aids can be programmed to tailor for your individual hearing loss.

Do people like the Lyric hearing aid?

Like all things, some people like it, some don’t. Most find the aid comfortable to wear, but others can’t stand having something in their ears that cannot be taken out on a daily basis. It can make some people’s ear sore or just won’t stay in place.


A Lyric hearing aid isn’t cheap, and is one of the most expensive hearing aid options on the market. You might also need up to 12 devices, every year between both ears. However, what you get is a state of the art hearing aid and it is invisible unlike many other hearing aids.


The Lyric hearing aid will suit many people, especially those who want an invisible hearing aid option. Most providers, but not all, will let you try the hearing aid 100% risk-free, so you’ve got nothing to lose if it isn’t the right choice for you.

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