MURA Boys Baseball Sidney League: Week of April 10th

Let the game begin

The MURA Baseball League has 5 teams playing in a league in Sidney with teams from other cities. The boys play 2 games each Friday or Saturday from April 9th through May 8th.

The boys completed their first 2 games last Saturday, April 10th.The teams’ win/loss records for that date are:

Junior High: 1-1

12U: 0-2

11U: 0-2

10U: 1-1

9U:  0-2

Here are a few photos from the 10-year old team. If you have photos from any of the games, please send them to me at Please list the date and team information (along with names/captions if possible) and I will be happy to add them to this or future posts.

Good Luck to our boys as they prepare for the next two games to be played tomorrow, April 17th.