New Tech: Custom Ear Bud Molds


In today’s fast-paced world of updated technology, we are constantly facing new solutions to every-day problems.  We are able to continually offer better options for protecting and improving our hearing. One recent update to earplugs, headphones, and hearing aids is possible custom-made ear bud molds.

Utilizing 3-D printers and other technology, we will soon be capable of making custom ear bud molds for each individual’s ears.  No longer do we have to force a “standard” size ear bud into our ear but we now have the option for custom molds.

Hackaday recently experimented with 3-D printed ear buds.  You can read about the experiment here.

Revols also has patented a very interesting new concept for ear buds, slated for availability in July:

The system comes with two soft, mushy earbuds that you place into your ears. Once you’ve fitted them properly you press a button on your phone and the buds harden in a minute, a process that the company has patented. The result is a pair custom-molded wireless earbuds buds that should keep out ambient noise and last about 14 hours on a charge.

The concept that we can each create custom headphones, earplugs or hearing aids with just the push of a button (and at a fairly low price point of $200) is fascinating. This is definitely technology to watch.

We hope that soon, doctors and hearing professionals prescribing and recommending hearing aids for their patients will be able to utilize some of this new technology. Follow our blog for the latest hearing technology or contact us with assistance with your hearing needs.

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