Reduce the Need for Hearing Aid Repairs with Proper Maintenance


Hearing aids may be small, but they are intricately designed. And occasionally, hearing aid repairs will be necessary. However, there are ways you can reduce the risk of needing these repairs. Follow these simple maintenance and care tips to keep your hearing aid functioning properly.


For the sake of your device, it’s important to keep both your ears and your hearing aid clean. The body produces earwax in order to keep the ears moisturized and create a barrier between debris and the canal. However, the body’s production of protective earwax can hinder the function of your aid. When wax lodges into the small cracks and openings in hearing aids, it can clog, impair function, and allow harmful moisture build-up. Clean your hearing aids daily with a soft, dry cloth and safely clean your ears to avoid excess wax.


Moisture is the enemy of hearing aids. Keeping your hearing aid as dry as possible will help ward off the need for repairs. Factors such as high humidity and perspiration are often unavoidable. However, a few simple steps can lessen the amount of moisture your aid accumulates. Store hearing aids outside of moisture-rich environments such as bathrooms. When you aren’t using the aid, take the battery out and leave the compartment open to air dry.

Proper care of your hearing aid on an everyday basis is imperative to keeping it working top-notch. However, consider periodic visits for expert hearing aid cleaning and maintenance checks.

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