Review Of Hearing Aids – Oticon, Beltone, Phonak & Starkey



When finding the right hearing aid, you need to test out different brands and designs to find what is best for you. Like any other technology there are different kinds of brands out there, not to mention store brands such as Walmart and Costco. It might be tempting to go with the cheaper brands, but before pulling the trigger on any kind of brand purchase, it is necessary to now a bit more about these different kinds of hearing aids.


First, all of the major brands, including the store off-brands are going to have the same kinds of styles. There is the Receiver In Canal. This is by far the most popular form of hearing aids. It has a connected power source that uses a thin wire. The additional power can help with improving hearing quality. There is the Invisible style, which is custom designed for each individual. These are the smallest options that fit into the ear canal. It is important to remove the hearing aid every day, but in terms of size, it doesn’t get much smaller than this. A Complete In Canal is slightly larger than the Invisible option, while the In The Canal and In The Ear are both larger designs. Each of these are visible while the Behind the Ear is a common style that sits behind the ear and has a funnel projecting audio into the ear canal.

Brands vs Store Brands

Now, stores like Walmart and Cosco might have a few of the name brands like Starkey or Beltone, but the stores will try to push the store brands as a less expensive option. So how can the store sell these products for less? In some cases, much of the internal electronics do the same job. However, the overall quality is usually lacking. Internally, the speaker might be an inferior quality, while the fitting might not be as tight. Due to this, the audio projected into the ear isn’t as clear or as long lasting. For someone on a tight budget it is a good way to go, but in terms of audio clarity, it usually can’t stand up.

Custom Designs

The store brands typically are unable to provide custom designs, such as the Complete In Canal or the Invisible design. Starkey, Beltone, Oticon and Phonak are companies that have been around for decades and can make a hearing aid that fits comfortably.

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