Use Swim Plugs to Prevent Swimmer’s Ear


Swimmer’s ear is a condition that can range from an annoyance to an emergency situation. Proper care for the condition is imperative to avoid severe ear damage. Prevention of swimmer’s ear is even better. Swim Plugs are the perfect form of prevention.

What is Swimmer’s Ear?

Swimmer’s ear is an infection caused by bacteria in the ear canal. Water inside the ear creates an optimal medium for bacteria to grow. Despite its name, swimmers are not the only victims of swimmer’s ear. The infection can be caused by any source of excess and sustained moisture in the ear. Swimming, showering, and even perspiring heavily can lead to swimmer’s ear.

This infection shows symptoms that can range in severity from a mild itch to pain, fever, swelling, and blockage of the canal.

How Do Swim Plugs Prevent Swimmer’s Ear?

The use of swim plugs prevents water from entering the ear, if they fit properly. Loose or ill-fitting plugs allow water to seep in and end up defeating their own purpose. Custom-fit swim plugs are made using a mold of the individual’s ear to ensure the best, most snug fit possible. Without water entrance and entrapment inside the ear, the risk of swimmer’s ear is greatly reduced.

Many people live, work, and play in conditions that open them up to cases of swimmer’s ear. Some are simply more prone to the condition. The best way to treat swimmer’s ear is to prevent it from happening with custom molded plugs.

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