$10 Million in Stimulus Dollars in Appliance Rebates to Ohioans


COLUMBUS, OH – Governor Ted Strickland and Ohio Department of Development Director Lisa Patt-McDaniel have announced the details of the Ohio Energy Efficiency Appliance Rebate Program, a program funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

First Come First Serve

At 8 a.m. on March 26th, Ohio consumers could start reserving their rebate on a first-come, first-served basis for select ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances.

“This rebate program will stimulate our economy, save Ohioans money, and generate more awareness and use of sustainable appliances,” Strickland said. “Ohio families will benefit by lower electric bills and more energy efficient homes, and our appliance retailers and manufacturers will see a boost in production and sales.”

With more than 89,000 rebates available, Ohio consumers can reserve and redeem their rebate online at www.OhioApplianceRebate.com or by phone toll-free at (888) 686-8896 for the purchase of ENERGY STAR® qualified refrigerators, clothes washers, dishwashers, high efficiency gas heaters, and electric heat pump water heaters from Ohio retailers. Rebate amounts are $100 – $250, depending on the ENERGY STAR® qualified appliance purchased and only one appliance type per household is eligible. The Web site also provides direct links to the make and model numbers of ENERGY STAR® appliances eligible for a rebate.

“This federal stimulus program helps Ohio families shift to more sustainable appliances, and increases energy efficiency awareness in their homes,” Patt-McDaniel said. “We anticipate a high interest level so we encourage consumers to move quickly to take advantage of these savings and ask for your patience as we will work diligently to accommodate each request in a timely manner.”

NOTICE: Rebate funds may run out before the program is scheduled to end. You are not guaranteed to receive a rebate during the program period.

**Editor’s Note: I went to the rebate site today to reserve a rebate for a new dishwasher as mine is in a major state of disrepair. You can no longer reserve a rebate for a dishwasher as the funds allocated for this appliance type have all been reserved. The other appliances still have funds available so if you plan on applying for the rebate, you will want to reserve yours online today or as soon as possible.**


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