by Greg Enslen, 08/01/12,

Over the last four weeks, I talked about a recent trip to Chicago. And while I enjoyed the feedback I received, it’s time to get back to an update about things in my neck of the woods!

The Big Dig

A few weeks ago, I attended a big meeting downtown conducted by the City concerning the new Downtown Utilities Realignment Project, the downtown project known as DURP. Starting early next year, the city will be pulling up roads in the downtown to replace old and outdated water, sewer and rainwater collection pipes and systems. Obviously, the downtown business owners and residents are concerned about the project scope, schedule and how the project will impact the downtown.

What we know for sure is that the City is very willing to work with local citizens and business owners as they begin the Planning Phase this summer. That plan, together with site-specific investigations, interviews with downtown building owners, and input from the City, the engineering firm hired to plan the project will determine how and when the project will be tackled…

If you are concerned, or even just interested, make sure to get on the appropriate email lists and attend the next meeting. Preliminary plans will be drafted soon with a goal of getting the project out to bid in the fall. Once a contractor is chosen, work on the project should begin soon in the new year. For questions or concerns, please contact Christy Butera, Tipp City Utilities Manager, at 937-667-6305.

Two New Men in Blue

Join me in welcoming two new police officers to the Tipp City Police Department—the new officers were hired to replace others that had retired. Selected to join the TCPD were Mr. Anthony Smith and Mr. William Conner.

Smith, aged 23, grew up in Eaton and attended the University of Cincinnati before serving in Iraq for over a year as a Military Police combat support unit.

Conner, aged 48, resides in New Carlisle and attended the Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy, receiving his Ohio Peace Officer Certification in 2009. He was previously employed by the Springfield and German Township Police Departments. Welcome to Tipp!

Oh, Deer?

One of my readers wrote in to say that they’d spotted a deer running through their backyard. While you might not think this is interesting, you might be surprised to find out that the deer was spotted near St. Johns Catholic Church!

Here’s what I heard from Bob and Wanda: “On July 26, a deer appeared in our backyard for about 10-15 seconds, then jumped several fences south of our home, crossed Barbara Drive, and made its way to the woods behind the Catholic Church on Hyatt Street and presumably made his way east to the river. A surprise to us but apparently not to others who have also observed deer within the city limits.”

Thank, Bob and Wanda—I knew there were deer around here, but I had no idea they wandered that far into town. And thanks for sending in the picture!

Tipp Foundation Awards Grants

The Distribution Committee of the Tipp City Area Community Foundations recently met for its second 2012 session to award grants, considering several grant requests that could benefit local citizens. In the end, seven organizations were awarded nearly $13,000 in grants. Since 1943, the Foundation has been awarding grants totaling over $1,600,000 to local schools and organizations.

Groups that received grants included the Tipp City Enrichment Program, the Downtown Tipp City Partnership, Miami County Equine Initiatives Task Force and the Brukner Nature Center. Thanks to the foundation, its board members, and its donors for continuing to make such a positive and important contribution to our community.

Next Time

Feel free to drop me an email at if you’d like to let me know more about the D.U.R.P. (sounds like an alien task force!), new police officers, deer visitations or the Tipp Foundation. Talk to you soon!