2012-2013 MURA Discount Cards Now Available


The MURA baseball teams are now selling local vendor discount cards for $10 each. These are a wonderful way to support the association and Lowry Complex, as well as local businesses.

The cards can be used once a day at each vendor from now until April 1, 2013. You will easily get your $10 back within the first week or two of use. The following discounts are included on each card:


Contact your family, friends or neighbors who have a child playing on a MURA team to start saving today! Lots of families are purchasing two cards so both Mom and Dad can carry one in their car to be sure to cash in on the savings at every possible opportunity.

If you do not know of anyone on a MURA team, please contact the editor, Kathy McDermott Goodman (editor@miltonnewsdaily.com) and she will gladly deliver one or more of these cards to you. She has two sons playing on MURA teams: Jacob Goodman and Gabe Goodman.




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