In an industry doing so well in Ohio, owners of most manufacturing companies may not feel an urgent need to enhance their marketability. Yet, with over 13,045 manufacturing firms in Ohio (2012), according to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) , many companies are simply trying to keep pace with the competition. In this regard, here are 3 effective marketing tactics for Ohio manufacturing companies:

  • Streamlined B2B Ordering and Sales Funnel
  • In-Depth Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Sales Department Upgrade

Streamlined B2B Ordering and Sales Funnel

According to the NAM, manufacturing in Ohio produced 17.66% of the total gross state product, employed 12.81% of Ohio’s non-farm employment, and made $99.83 billion in 2013. That’s a lot of B2B customer orders being processed and facilitated, through thousands of ordering systems. The large amount of B2B customer orders and money being processed presents business opportunity.

Enhancing marketability is not just a periphery aesthetic to look and sound appealing, rather it’s a practical approach to streamline processes for peak efficiency. What this means for Ohio manufacturers is finding tactics to optimize B2B customer ordering to increase total output. When a company integrates advanced systems that cater to B2B customer ordering, marketability is enhanced because customers appreciate the streamlined efficiency and accessibility.

What this means in practical application is developing online systems to facilitate streamlined B2B customer ordering using: SEO optimized websites, plug-ins, add-ons, mobile apps, cloud based functionality, CRM software, ecommerce, ERP, WMS, accounting software, etc. Enhanced B2B customer ordering maximizes output and works toward retaining loyal customers long-term.

In-Depth Business Intelligence Reporting

Manufacturers are uniquely focused on creating tangible goods and selling them to B2B customers; their systems are designed to facilitate these core functions. Their sales team, CRM, marketing strategy, ordering system functionality, and inside sales approach – are sometimes neglected, to some degree, as core functions are focused on.

Owners need accurate and in-depth business intelligence to optimize:

  • workflow processes
  • sales teams
  • email marketing (sales strategies)
  • lead generation automation
  • sales funnels
  • core systems
  • sales conversions

For instance, Bash Foo uses a simple CRM software, which not only powerfully connects a business with their contacts, but also provides powerful reporting tools to track:

  • actions
  • behaviors
  • effectiveness of marketing methods
  • impending deals

A marketing and contact management upgrade through a simple CRM software solution, is the type of transitioning manufacturers are making toward innovative cloud and mobile technology. This in-depth reporting is not only very useful for business intelligence and sales conversions, but is also accessible through mobile devices anywhere and anytime there’s an Internet connection.

Sales Department Upgrade

Building a loyal B2B customer base and retaining them long-term is always a good growth strategy, yet what does this mean in the context of rising customer expectations? Consumer expectations and online behaviors are changing as mobile and cloud computing technologies are being developed. This in turn, changes B2B customer expectations towards manufacturers.

In one sense, a lot is being asked of manufacturers; on the other hand, innovative and affordable technology offers to expand their possibilities at all levels, incl. the sales department. Effective sales departments and CRM systems are essential for business sustainability and long-term growth. When sales teams and support staff have the right tools to excel at their positions (cloud and mobile computing, reporting, streamlined ordering, etc.), they produce better results.

Upgrading the sales department is an effective tactic to use for Ohio manufacturers, because it enhances their reach and capabilities for: social media, automation, email marketing, lead generation tools, contact scoring, deal pipelines, automatic triggers and notifications, advanced reporting, sales portals, and unified communications within the workforce.


Rapidly advancing technologies, wider Internet accessibility, and changing online spending behaviors – are changing the way we work and live, in Ohio and the world. In business, keeping pace and staying ahead of the competition has always been the main goals; today, this means manufacturers need to adapt to meet rising B2B customer expectations. T

Bash Foo is a digital marketing agency that can help Ohio manufacturers implement these 3 effective marketing tactics. We have the expertise to guide manufacturers through the process of integrating innovative solutions, based on the experience of successfully helping other similar clients in the past.

From website and mobile app development and optimization, to digital marketing and strategy consultations, Bash Foo is uniquely suited to help Ohio Manufacturers upgrade their sales departments and keep pace with rising B2B customer expectations. If interested in learning more please contact us today.


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