Looking for a dog, but worry about the hair? Whether you have allergies or don’t want to deal with the excessive shedding, you can still choose from a variety of perfect dog breeds that don’t shed for you and your family.

The word “hypoallergenic” refers to breeds that are less likely to cause an allergic reaction. These dogs are low-shedding breeds that produce less dander than others. The less hair, the less dander the breed produces.

While no dog is completely hypoallergenic, there are a variety of breeds that are perfect for those with existing allergies.

Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed Much (Or At All!)

Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested is a great companion for households with small children and other dogs.

Known for its gentle demeanor and quiet nature, this affectionate breed is playful and devoted to its humans.

Because they are hypoallergenic, the Chinese Crested is an excellent choice for allergy sufferers.

The breed can be hairless or coated. The hairless variety has a small amount of hair around the head, tail, and ankles. Also known as the “powder puff”, the coated variety has a soft, silky coat.

Just because Cresteds have only a small amount of hair doesn’t mean they don’t require grooming. Powder puffs require daily brushing to maintain a healthy coat. The hairless variety is prone to allergies and sunburn, requiring careful grooming and skin treatments.


This playful, charming, and gentle breed is quite a show-stopper! An exceptional alert dog, the Maltese is a low-shedding, long-lived breed that is content to make its owners happy.

Most recognized by their white, floor-length coats, Maltese are often groomed with short hair, too. This is a splendid breed for those with allergies, as they produce little to no shedding.

On the other hand, their coats are easily matted and become dirty. Brushing daily and regular baths will keep their coats beautiful and soft.


The Schnauzer requires minimal grooming maintenance and sheds very little. To maintain the traditional Schnauzer clip, their beard and leg hair should be trimmed and brushed regularly to avoid mats.

Because of their protective nature, they make magnificent watchdogs. They are fearless, affectionate, and especially love children.

They get along well with other dogs and will be a cherished member of the family.


Even with the fancy show-coat, a Poodle enjoys being an active and affectionate member of the family. They are incredibly intelligent with exceptional learning abilities.

Even though their coats are a bit more high-maintenance than others, the Poodle’s fluffy coat produces minimal shedding. Whether kept short or in the traditional Poodle clip, frequent grooming and brushing is necessary to maintain a healthy coat.

Portuguese Water Dog

Also known as the “Portie”, the Portuguese Water Dog has tight, low-shedding, waterproof curls. Bred to be a fisherman’s helper, this breed is very smart and eager to please.

While their fur is hypoallergenic, their curly, fluffy fur requires frequent grooming. Between regular weekly grooming, an occasional bath and brushing will keep them looking and feeling their best!

If you are considering a dog, take a look at these lovable, low-shedding breeds for a lifelong companion.

If you have any questions about any of these or other breeds, or need advice, contact our office.

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