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If you haven’t noticed lately, TippNews has integrated new advertisement spots in and around the site. In addition to our local advertisers, visitors will be presented with content that suits the story on the page as well as the web browser itself. These ads will run in spaces where no local advertising currently exists.

How to Advertise

There are numerous ways that you can advertise within

  1. Sign an advertiser agreement with Tippecanoe Gazette (the weekly print edition). Your Tippecanoe Gazette advertising agreement includes banner advertising within Please enquire with the Tippecanoe Gazette for specifics.
  2. Advertise directly on You will find the advertising sign-up form below to advertise solely on

Our Visitors

TippNews DAILY receives an average of 18,000 visits per month. Over 9,000 unique visitors reading more than 2 pages while here means visitors are finding what they were looking for.

While each month is different, we feature news stories that are read primarily by local readers. Is your business trying to sell goods or services to residents in Tipp City, Troy or Dayton Ohio?? If so, is a GREAT place to advertise.