An Affordable Alternative to a Tummy Tuck – Coolsculpting

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If you are looking for an affordable way to slim down your midsection or other body site without going through invasive surgery, Coolsculpting is the answer. Coolsculpting has quickly become the world’s top non-invasive procedure to reduce fat. This body contouring method involves the freezing of fat without any downtime or surgery.


Our office’s Coolsculpting procedure is available to women and men who desire to get rid of pesky fat. If you have love handles that just won’t go away, or stubborn fat in other areas of your body, Coolscuplting is right for you. The best part about this fat reduction technique is that it doesn’t involve surgery. The bottom line is that just about everyone who has excess body fat is a candidate for this revolutionary procedure.

Coolsculpting Safety

Our Coolsculpting procedure is 100 percent safe. Our specialists have passed through extensive training and certification to guarantee patient safety. You should have absolutely no worries about the safety of this revolutionary procedure. Compared to invasive procedures like tummy tucks, Coolsculpting is quite mild in nature. This is precisely why so many people are willing to give Coolsculpting a chance.

How Coolsculpting Works

Freezing away your body fat might sound a bit odd at first. Yet this technique really does work surprisingly well. Fat cells freeze at fairly high temperatures compared to surrounding tissues. Let our team zero in on your fat cells beneath the skin and freeze them to their death. It sounds a bit odd but it really does work to perfection. There will be absolutely no damage to your skin, surrounding tissues or nerves due to the fact that fats crystallize faster than average body cells. These fat cells eventually die after treatment. They are then naturally metabolized, leaving you with a nicely sculpted body.

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