Each year five local schools are involved in the contest. Kindergarten through sixth grade students work from January through March to complete two-dimensional pieces of artwork relating to Ohio birds, endangered birds of Ohio, or neo-tropical birds that migrate though Ohio. The Aullwood Avian Art Contest would not be possible without the generous support of it’s sponsors, Robert and Annette Marquardt. This contest is sponsored in memory of Robert’s mother Enid Marquardt, a teacher who taught for 30 years in the Dayton school system and loved birds. Come out for a visit in March, April and May to see this colorful and exciting student art exhibit.

Broadway Elementary has so much talent and it was a great opportunity to see some of it tonight.  Out of 1493 entries, below is how Broadway placed. Congrats to:

Ohio Birds Awards:

1st place : Madison Leonard

2nd place: Lily Gondal

3rd place: Amelia Zweizig

Endangered Birds of Ohio Awards:

1st place: Ashlynn Custer

2nd place: Chloe Thompson

3rd place: Melanie Dodson

Participants: Katelyn Bledsoe, Delany Bourelle, Hannah Gootzeit, Olivia Hamilton, Levi Lucous, Skler Richardson, Jake Rowland, Payton Schenk, Corinn Siefring & Katie Taylor

On top of these honors, Ashlynn Custer won 1st place for Best of Show (again out of 1493 entries)!!!  By doing so she won a Family membership to Aullwood, a $125 gift certificate to Meijer, a gift certificate for the school to Hobby Lobby, and 2 presentations to the school from the Aullwood Artist and Musician!

Additional Photos