Tipp City, Ohio  – Bash Foo, a Tipp City-based internet marketing agency, announced today its participation in the Chase® and LivingSocial® program called “Mission: Small BusinessSM,” a new grant program offering up to $3 million to small business owners nationwide. Chase® and LivingSocial® also obtained the support of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to help announce the program and drive small business engagement and participation.

     “Small businesses are invaluable to the growth of our economy, and the ‘Mission: Small Business’ grant program is designed to provide small businesses with the solutions they need to grow and thrive”

The program, which will award up to 12 individual grants of $250,000, was developed to provide small businesses like Bash Foo with capital and innovative marketing resources needed to make a positive impact on their business.

Beginning today through June 30, Chase® and LivingSocial® will be tabulating the number of “votes” that are received by each individual business participating in the online contest. Bash Foo will need to have at least 250 votes in order to be considered for the $250,000 grant.

“Small businesses like Bash Foo are invaluable to the growth of our economy, and the ‘Mission: Small Business’ grant program would provide our business with the capital necessary to deliver better and more services to our customers”, shared company President, Mike McDermott.

In the online application for this grant award, McDermott stated, “Our revenues allow us to provide affordable services at a great value to our customers, however an infusion of money like that would certainly allow me to perform VERY IMPORTANT things for them”. Those “very important things” include hiring full-time employees, investing in better technology to serve its customers as well as the creation of a fund to use for “burst” investment opportunities.

McDermott encourages all his customers and peers to help him in this campaign to make Bash Foo “even more awesome” by visiting the Mission Small Business website at http://www.missionsmallbusiness.com/ and scrolling down to click on the button to the right that says “Log In and Support”. Search for: Bash FooOhioTipp City and then cast your vote for Bash Foo.

When asked on the application for the grant how this $250k grant would impact Bash Foo, McDermott’s reply was: “This would be a world changing impact for us. And then I think about all the other benefits that would come of it. Hiring full time employees puts food on more people’s tables; it lets us provide more marketing services to more small businesses in our community. It allows us to execute the dreams of our team.”

“That is what I love about what my company is and does.. It has an impact, it makes changes for the better and it demonstrates what a great community and what great businesses we have, to the world at large.”