Courtesy of the Record Herald; Printed 11.22.12

WEST MILTON – The Dayton Better Business Bureau has recently given Tri State Chaffeured Services of West Milton an “F” rating.
According to the Bureau, they received eight complaints filed against this business. Out of the eight complaints, seven were unanswered by the company. A pattern of complaints allege the following: services were paid for, but not rendered; services were double-charged or fees were increased at a later date with unauthorized credit card charges; and/or there’s an inability to obtain valid refunds.
Complaints allege services were poor and portions of the contract unfulfilled. Other complaints allege unauthorized charges appeared and the consumers cannot obtain cooperation from the company to obtain refunds.
The Better Business Bureau contacted Tri State on multiple occasions in an attempt to eliminate the pattern of complaints, but mail was returned by the post office as undeliverable.
Tri State’s phone is now disconnected.
Tri State is located at 1177 O’Beron Road and is owned by Robert O’Brian.