July 23, 2013. . .Harveysburg, OH. . .Visitors to the Ohio Renaissance Festival are entertained by the most unique entertainment found anywhere with nearly 100 engaging, live shows daily on eleven stages scattered throughout a 30-acre permanent village.

New this year!

Five pirate captains are competing for the ship and a Letter of Mark from Her Majesty but shhh! The Spanish cannot find out! Find out how the story unfolds as swords, rope swings, gunfire and comedy burst from the decks of the 65-foot pirate ship during the Pirate Comedy Stunt Show.

 Robyn Marks will amaze you with his cabinet magic tricks.

 The Tartan Terrors are making special appearances for Irish and Highland Weekends. They will leave you in stitches with their unique blend of Celtic music and comedy.

Returning Favorites

 The KamiKaze FireFlies (featuring Saffron Finch) will amaze audiences with their comedic adventures of juggling, fire eating, tricks, and tomfoolery. Don’t miss the grand finale! A bologna sandwich will be made with an interesting utensil by the world-record holder himself.

Enjoy traditional Irish folk music from the Rogues of Rafferty in the village pubs and lanes. Tap your toes or sing along to your favorite tunes with these two young lads.

Robin Hood and Maid Marian will keep you in stitches as they transform audience members into the stars of heroic tales such as St. George and the Dragon during The Adventures of Robin Hood, a fun show for the whole family!

 The Da Vinci Bros Comedy Operas presents dynamic audience participation comedies that make the audience the stars. To help tell the story, the audience becomes the orchestra and the sound effects. Sensational fun for the whole family!

Rub elbows with Royalty at the Full Armored Joust. Cheer your favorite knight to victory as they ride onto the field atop 2,000 pound warhorses. The Knights of Valour deliver hard hits and thrilling action three times daily.

The Mudde Show returns with a unique blend of comedy and earth as they perform Beowulf, Dante’s Inferno and the muddiest show of them all, The Viking Show in the only Olympic-sized Muditorium found in three states.

Enjoy the musical comedy performed by The Other Woman in the village pubs but don’t be embarrassed if you blush. . . This maiden is always searching for her next true love and it just might be you!

 The Swordsmen offer sharp rapiers and even sharper wit as they teach what one needs to know in order to become a gentleman. A few lessons include the proper way to offer a kiss upon the hand and how to engage in dueling.

Enjoy these exciting attractions and more at the 2013 Ohio Renaissance Festival, August 31 through October 20, Saturdays, Sunday, and Labor Day. Open 10:30am to 6:00pm, rain or shine. Discount tickets are available at all Kroger stores or online at