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Be Wary of Foreign Interference in US Elections

Be Wary of Foreign Interference in US Elections

It is possible that the upcoming 2024 US general election might be influenced by the Russians and Chinese. It is important for Americans to be aware of potential foreign interference, given the history of both nations meddling in the politics of other countries. We can expect attempts to sway public opinion and manipulate information in order to disrupt or affect election results.

While President Trump has been busy accusing individual states of election meddling in order to somehow come up with an alternate electoral reality, the real dangers originate from without and not within. Case after case, accusation after accusation, proved within US courts by Republican-nominated judges that the US elections are fair.

Russia was accused of interfering in the 2016 election, and there is mounting evidence that it interfered in 2020. Some signs of their interference may include spreading false narratives via social media platforms, disinformation campaigns, or even cyber-attacks on voting systems. For example, in 2017, Russia was responsible for spreading fake news stories across social media platforms regarding then German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s health status before an upcoming election – all in an effort to influence the outcome.

There have been several accusations made against China regarding its interference in global elections. One such instance was during the 2019 Hong Kong protests where they allegedly employed “astroturfing” campaigns online to manipulate public opinion against the pro-democracy movement. Furthermore, China has also been accused of carrying out cyber-attacks on other countries’ voting systems, as seen during the 2020 presidential election in Taiwan.

For Americans to recognize foreign interference in the upcoming general election, they should watch out for suspicious activity on social media platforms, be aware of campaigns that spread false or misleading information about candidates or issues, and be alert for any attempted manipulation of voting systems or malicious cyber-attacks. If you encounter any content that appears to be manufactured or manipulated, take a step back and double-check its validity with reputable sources.

In the present day, citizens of the United States who participate in the electoral process must exercise caution when viewing video material online. This is due to the emergence of sophisticated deep-fake videos, which manipulate footage to portray political figures saying things they have never actually uttered. As a result, voters need to be vigilant and discerning when evaluating the integrity of video content related to political candidates and issues.

  1. Consider the integrity of the source. If you found the video on a social media platform, look to see where it was originally published, and then identify if it is a hyper-partisan website or blog.
  2. Look at the quality of the video. Does the entire video make sense? Would a politician actually say or do the things in the video that are questionable?
  3. If you found a partisan video of the opposing candidate on a partisan social media channel that was originally published on a partisan blog or website, you should question its truthfulness. Look for the video to display on centrist or non-partisan news sources before assuming the video is real.
  4. If you are checking out a video or an internet claim or meme that was emailed to you by someone you do not know, you should question it.

The US government has taken steps to protect our election infrastructure from foreign interference. Still, it is up to the citizens of the United States to remain vigilant and alert for any suspicious activity. By doing so, we can work together to ensure a fair and democratic process in November.


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