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Beagle To Run For State Senate In The Fifth District

Former Tipp City Councilmember Bill Beagle has announced he intends to seek the Republican nomination for the fifth district State Senate seat.

“I’m running because I’m fed up, and I want to take action by fighting the career politicians that treat this Senate seat like it’s an entitlement.  I want to go to the Senate to help businesses create jobs and to get the state’s financial house in order, not as a stepping stone.”

“I’m running because while state government is complex, simple rules should still apply.  The same rules that apply to all of us: live within your means, listen to the people you serve, don’t keep putting off difficult decisions, and help kids get a good education so they’re prepared for a world that is changing so quickly.”

“I’m running because there are financial storm clouds on the horizon for Ohio, but this Administration can’t see them because its head is buried in the sand of yesterday’s thinking.  Yesterday they used rainy day funds, tobacco settlement money, stimulus funds and other one-time dollars to keep spending.  Tomorrow those dollars aren’t going to be there, but the state bureaucracy and its fiscal demands surely will be.  They’ll threaten education or libraries or other deserving groups to make sure our money stays in Columbus instead of coming home to help in our own community.” says Beagle.

“My goal is to earn this seat through voters’ confidence and not political appointment.  I want to go to Columbus to do what’s right for the people of the district and the State of Ohio, not what will advance my career.  I intend to point out the differences on the important issues during this campaign, and I think the voters of the 5th Senate district will agree and send me to Columbus to get the job done right for a change.”  Beagle concluded.

Mr. Beagle served on the Tipp City Council from October, 2003 until December, 2009 and served as Council President for two years.  Currently he serves on the Tipp City Library Board of Trustees.  Prior to the City Council, he served on the Tipp City Planning Board and on the Board of Tipp-Monroe Community Services.  He has also volunteered on various levy campaigns and other committees for the city, the Tipp City schools, and his church.

Bill graduated from Miami University with a degree in Finance, and earned his MBA from Cleveland State University.  Currently he owns two apartment rental firms, and prior to that worked in the areas of finance, operations, and branch management for GE Capital, Bank One, and Lexis-Nexis.

Bill has been married to Karen for twenty-two years and has three children attending the Tipp City Public Schools.



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