Bridging the STEM Gender Gap: Here’s Where Ohio Rank



    The tech industry may be booming, but gender disparities within the world of tech still exist. To understand how big the gender gap in STEM truly is, my team analyzed data from the 2015 and 2017 U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey and looked at STEM gaps by degree, occupation, and location. Here’s where Ohio stands:
    Across the nation, the number of men working in STEM fields increased by 8.1% while women working in STEM fields increased by 5.9%
    Ohio ranks among the states with the largest percentage gaps (54.2%) between men and women working in STEM fields– Rhode Island has the largest gap at 62.8%
    Toledo and Akron rank among the top metro areas with the largest percentage gap between men and women working in STEM fields

    View the study here: The STEM Gap in America

    With Ohio falling sharply behind on STEM equality, readers will want to learn exactly where their state lacks and how Ohio compares to the rest of the country. If you’re interested in covering, please feel free to use our findings!