Tipp City, OH, March 14, 2011 —Over the last several weeks, the Tipp City Police Department and the Parent/Teacher Board (PALS) at Broadway Elementary School have been investigating a major accounting discrepancy within the organization, now categorized as a felony theft. The theft occurred over the course of the last two years and was in excess of $38,000. The investigation surrounds the former treasurer of the PALS Board, Sarah Clayton Byram, who was formally released from her position on the Board on February 10, 2011.

With much diligence on the part of the Tipp City Police, the PALS Board, and their legal counsel, a full restitution in the amount of $38,253.90 has been made. At this time, the matter has been officially turned over to the Miami County Prosecutor’s Office. Sentencing of Mrs. Byram will happen at a later date, to be determined by the court.

The PALS Board’s goal has always been to enrich the lives of children and families of Tipp City and the Board will not sway from that stance. PALS is committed to moving forward with a renewed fervor and passion for the education and development of the children of our beloved community.