Broadway PALS Remains Strong


In an interview Tuesday afternoon, Andi Trzeciak, Director of Broadway PALS shared that the organization remains strong through the recent misfortune. “I really want parents to know that the Broadway PALS organization remains strong and that we are taking steps to allow you to trust in us”.

Broadway PALS stands for Parents Actively Linked with School and acts similarly to the nationally recognized PTA, or Parent Teachers Association for Broadway Elementary, raising funds that support child development and activities as well as helping those children who need special assistance while at Broadway. “It’s such a great organization of caring parents who just want the best for their children”, states Trzeciak.

Sarah Clayton Byram, former Treasurer for the Broadway PALS organization pleaded guilty to felony theft on March 14th in a Miami County courtroom after pilfering more than $38,000 from the organization over a two year period. Byram awaits sentencing and could receive a maximum of 12 months in the Ohio State reformatory in Marysville, Ohio. Trzeciak, who found the inconsistencies between the bank ledgers and financial reporting, states that full restitution of the money has been made in the amount of $38,253.90 and is currently in their bank account.

“This person was placed in a position of trust, and it is just sad that this ever occurred”, states Trzeciak who now is acting Treasurer until another person can be found to fill the position. Since the closure of the investigation, Broadway PALS has instituted new financial and accounting measures to protect this from happening again and provide assurance to those organizations and parents who generously donate. Trzeciak shares, “We will have financials and bank statements sent to and reviewed quarterly by an accountant, and “Mr. G” (Principal, Galen Gingerich) will also receive copies of these”.

Broadway PALS uses the money that it collects at Fun Fair as well as other activities during the school year to help fund the purchase of items that aid in school curriculum as well as an annual coat drive ensuring students have warm coats over the winter. This past holiday season, Broadway PALS was unable to fund their annual Christmas giving event where they purchase gifts for two Tipp City families in need.


  1. I applaud Mrs. Trzeciak for her straightforwardness in this interview. It is a shame that this has happened to such a great organization. These parents volunteer to make our school a better place for all of our students. It is a very time consuming job that I have done in the past. I just want them to know I appreciate their willingness to step up and lead when a lot of people choose to sit back and complain. I hope the community continues to support this organization. I am glad they have instituted a better system when it comes to financial records. Stay strong ladies.

  2. It may be a good idea for the members of the PALS board to hold a special meeeting to explain the safe guards you have put into place to protect your funds. Sarah Bynum has seriously damaged the reputation of this fine organization and I fear the community will not be so generous unless they receive some face to face assurances from the PALS board. You cannot have too much damage control and I know you ladies will do what you can to prevent one bad apple from spoiling the bushel.

  3. I believe it's time for the board to be more open. Last year I asked how much money was made on Fun Fair and was told it was none of my business. It's a public board! You need to be open about this and share the success. No one has a problem with a great organization making money that's distributed to help the kids. I don't like people who are secretive about information that is legally public. Look where it got you. Be transparent and I'll be happy to help volunteer.

    • As the current PALS Director, I am happy to talk to any parent at Broadway who has questions. Please let me know. Also, please know the police report is a public file that anyone can ask for a copy of at the police station.


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