Canal Jumpers Victorious at City Park


On Saturday, July 10th, the Tippecanoe Canal Jumpers hosted the Columbus Buckeyes to the fine sport of base ball. The Canal Jumpers were victorious playing their first ever match at the Tipp City Park. The final score was 9 aces for the Canal Jumpers to 5 aces for the Buckeyes.

The Tipp City Park proved to be a respectable site for a vintage base ball match. The cranks (fans) enjoyed the shade from trees while the ballists (players) suffered through the heat of the day. The match was governed by Logan “White Lightening” Rogers, the law at Tippecanoe’s home games. Mr. Rogers explained the match well to all in attendance while keeping his keen eye on the play reminding both clubs to “mind your bases.”

The match featured the debut of Chad “Ace” Beam. Mr. Beam played a fine center field and had some mighty strikes with the bat. Mark “Mad Dog” Mabelitini hurled 9 exhausting innings for the win. The Canal Jumpers played a strong defense throughout the match highlighted by Captain Steven “Swifty” Pope’s play at behind (catcher), strong right field play by club founder Reed “Worm Burner” Spencer and explosive play of Glen “Wolf Pack” McMurry as the third-base tender. The offense was led by Rod “The Vacuum” Martino whose day included several trips around the bases.

The Tippecanoe Canal Jumpers is a project of the Downtown Tipp City Partnership. The Canal Jumpers next match will be Sunday, July 18th at the Willowtree Inn. The Blue Ashlars of Worthington will be traveling to Tipp City to participate in “Masonic Day” at the ball field. Spectators are encouraged to wear their finest 19th Century wear and bring a picnic lunch.


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