Anyone Can Be An Artist

At the Mum Festival, artist/photographer, Parker Fritz, set up two canvases. Fritz invited anyone who wanted to pick up a brush to paint a small portion of the canvas.

The Examiner: Mike Woody

Learn where to further follow one of Tipp City's most popular writers.

Harvestfest Halloween History – Part 2

We've discussed how Halloween was rooted in the harvest festivals of Europe in Roman times, and how the early Christian church combined the two festivals of All Saints' Day...

Bringing the Arts to Tipp City

On October 22nd, Harrison’s & TCAAC will be having a fund raiser for the arts council. Harrison’s will be donating a portion of the dinner proceeds to the arts council. The ARTStravaganza will be a showcase of entertainment from music to magic. Harrison’s has also offered to give up their wall space for the evening & allow artists to display their artwork. Entertainment will run from 5 PM to 8 PM. Harrison’s and TCAAC invite you to come out, enjoy a nice dinner and support the arts in Tipp City.