A Ride on the Blue Angels C-130 Fat Albert

Lady: Nervous Ted Striker: Yes. Lady: First time? Ted Striker: No, I’ve been nervous lots of times. It’s one of my favorite exchanges of dialogue from the comedic gem Airplane and came to...

Interview with the Blue Angels

I looked at Kathy, feeling nervous about possibly royally messing this up, and said, “You take pictures. I’ll interview.” A team effort seemed like the easiest way to get through this, though I have no idea why I offered to be the one who asked the questions. Perhaps I felt that this was my chance to prove to Kathy that she wasn’t crazy for asking me to help her cover the air show. Maybe I thought that I should challenge myself a bit. It could have been that the heat of the day had baked my brain. Or, and this seems to make the most sense to me at this hour, it could have been that I had forgotten my camera at home, while Kathy was bright enough to remember hers.

Sharing the Excitement

I’ll admit, I was nervous. Who wouldn’t be, with the thought of taking three kids – one of whom is deep in the throes of her “terrible threes” – to sit and watch the air show? Would my kids even be interested in it? Would they enjoy it? Would they behave themselves long enough for me to enjoy myself? Would I even be able to hear the sounds of the jets over their yelling?

2010 Blue Angels VIP Rides Take Place Today, Wednesday July 14

Article and photos submitted by Stephanie Ruby While signing waivers which stated that neither the Dayton International Airport, nor...

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