Putting workers at risk for revenues

In spite of claims that the truck driver shortage is over, the treatment of the drivers who are working needs to be addressed. High-profile companies claim that drivers can generate anywhere from $70,000 to $110,000, not to mention significant bonuses based on their productivity. For many truckers, money isn’t everything. Respect may have equal, if not greater, value to them.…

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Which Thanksgiving Foods are Safe for My Dog?

Is some human thanksgiving food safe for dogs? Let's find out! Around the holidays, we find ourselves indulging in extra treats and snacks. So, why not your pup, too? Whether your dog is a professional crumb hunter or you want to give your pup a special holiday treat, it’s important to know which human foods [...]

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Holiday Lights at Lost Creek Reserve

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and it’s time to indulge in all things Merry and Bright! If you are looking for the perfect holiday experience to cherish with friends and family, look no further than Miami County Park District’s Holiday Lights at Lost Creek Reserve in Troy. This 1.25-mile drive-thru light display will surely brighten up your holiday season. You’ll be greeted by friendly staff and towering snowmen as you begin the tour down our illuminated lane. The journey continues as you traverse picturesque farm lanes and the edge of a dense woodland filled with over 60 twinkling displays

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Free Speech or Consequences

With election day looming (December 8th, 2022), we are all being hammered by the last tranche of political ads. These are the spiciest ads to run, as candidates will not be able to respond to the messaging. They can publish bald-faced lies for the next 24 hours, and nobody will be the wiser. We’ve also […]

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