Tippecanoe Canal Jumpers 2010 Schedule

Our captain, Swifty and I attended a scheduling meeting with the Ohio vintage base ball clubs today. It’s great to see the enthusiasm from the other clubs throughout our state. The Clodbusters did a wonderful job coordinating the meeting.

Disney's UP – Interview with Pete Docter and Bob Peterson

TippNews DAILY had the opportunity to attend a virtual press junket with Pete Docter and Bob Peterson co-directors and writers for Disney's UP, the feature release from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment. Disney plans to release UP on both DVD and Blueray on November 10th.


On November 1, one of the biggest sports days of the year (with key NFL match-ups + Game 4 of the World Series), the AVATAR trailer will get the world’s biggest live trailer viewing when it debuts on the world’s largest video display -- Cowboy Stadium’s Diamond Vision Screen – while millions of football fans watch it at home.

Hirt and Van Haaren seek clarity in Bethel sewage debate

While you may be aware of the issues that Tipp City will be dealing with on November 3rd (Election Day) you may NOT be aware of the Great Sewer Debate in Bethel Township.