Brukner Nature Center – it’s about wildlife!

Did you know that Brukner Nature Center operates a licensed wildlife rehabilitation unit for native wildlife that are orphaned, injured or sick?  Last year, BNC accepted nearly 1,800 animals in need of professional care.  Contact us at 937.698.6493, 7-days a week, for all of your wildlife concerns!  Brukner Nature Center – it’s about wildlife! Virginia opossums are North America’s only marsupial – meaning they carry their young in a pouch!  Joeys are born after 13 short days of gestation and are the size of a jelly bean.  We can credit these amazing mammals for helping to keep our environment ‘debris’

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ODOT Streetscape Public Meeting

Event date: April 22, 2021 Event Time: 09:00 AM - 11:59 PMLocation: Tipp City, OH 45371Description:Join Zoom Meeting ID: 895 2353 0046Passcode: 345471One tap mobile+130171...

Tips for Socializing Your Dog During COVID-19

Young couple in medical surgical masks holding walks with dog in the summer park; socializing during pandemic

How to socialize your dog during a pandemic Social distancing provides many challenges for everyone, including dogs. Family pets quickly become accustomed to their unique routines and environments, and social distancing makes it difficult to expose pets to new people, places, activities, and experiences. Whether a dog is new to the family or a loyal friend, a puppy, or an adult dog, socializing is an important part of responsible dog ownership. Socialization helps dogs prepare for interactions with different types of people, places, and activities. Dogs who haven’t been socialized properly may become aggressive, territorial, or skittish in situations that … Continue reading Tips for Socializing Your Dog During COVID-19

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Best Dogs for Multi-Pet Homes

Smiling woman with three dogs, on white background; dogs which get along with other pets

Among the biggest challenges for dog owners is finding a dog that does well with other pets. Owning a multi-pet household is a challenge in itself. Factor in a high-maintenance, jealous pup, you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster. When you bring a new dog into a home with other dogs, cats, or other pets, it’s important that everyone can play nice and get along. Jealousy, aggression, and disobedience can quickly become the destructive consequences that damage owner and pet relationships. In some cases, your existing family members may be best suited for life as the only pet. If they … Continue reading Best Dogs for Multi-Pet Homes

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