How to Ensure an Efficient Supplier Viability Assessment

businessman using smartphone to virtually compare supplier credibility

When it comes to those you deal with in your business, credit assessment is essential towards growth and development. Especially in securing trustworthy suppliers, it is vital to assess the credibility of other parties crucial to your business’s success. Having connections to a credible supplier plays a considerable role in the success of your business. […]

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How to Choose the Right Kitten

Child holding baby cat. Tips to help you choose a kitten that's right for your home and situation

Tips to help you choose a kitten that’s right for your home or situation Welcoming a new kitten is so exciting! It’s a big step, but it’s a rewarding time filled with lots of snuggles, learning their unique personality, and lots of playtime! Making the decision to get a cat or kitten is a big step with a lot of responsibility. Even at a young age, cats have big personalities. It’s important to be prepared for the amount of time, care, and attention required, especially for a kitten. When you are researching adoption opportunities, it’s important to consider the age, … Continue reading How to Choose the Right Kitten

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All About Winter Gear for Dogs

little Yorkshire Terrier dog and its owner, snow winter background. Small, cute doggy in winter gear with coat and pink boots.

As uncomfortably cold temperatures cover much of our area, daily dog walks can quickly become a dreaded chore for you and your dog. But, with the right winter gear and attire, you both can enjoy the wintery season while staying warm and dry. Have you ever wondered if dogs wish they had a sweater or a pair of fuzzy boots? You may think that because your dog has a built-in coat, they don’t need the extra layers. But, during the winter months, with ice, rain, and snow, the cute booties and dog sweaters are for more than just looks. In … Continue reading All About Winter Gear for Dogs

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Shop Local in Miami County

Shopping local is what keeps our local communities and businesses alive. During this time, Miami County’s most treasured shops take the necessary precautionary measures to make your next shopping trip a pleasant and safe experience. From high-end shopping to bargain hunting, visitors are always pleased with the variety of shops available throughout the area. In traditional and non-traditional ways, our local shops have made it possible to support them with a visit to the store, online, with curbside pickups, gift certificates, and more. Plans for a safe and successful shopping trip to Miami County must include some of our area

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