Erratic driver causes car accident, serious injuries

Without fully realizing it, numerous people put their lives in the hands of others almost every day. Whenever individuals get into a vehicle and start driving, they are unconsciously trusting other drivers to operate their vehicles in appropriate manners. Unfortunately, not all drivers deserve that trust, and an erratic driver can easily cause a serious car accident. It was recently…

Important real estate details to consider before closing

It can take months if not longer to find the right home when looking to buy. Ohio residents or those looking to move to the state can feel at their wits’ end throughout the process, so when they finally find a home they want to make their own, they certainly do not want anything to go wrong. As a result,…

4 Benefits of Adding an HVAC Economizer

Close-up view of the commercial air handling units louvres; hvac economizer

Good indoor air quality in a commercial building or school is a must for keeping employees and students comfortable and healthy. When the air inside a building is unhealthy, people can suffer from health problems, such as throat irritations, headaches and fatigue. That’s why it’s a good idea to add an economizer to a building’s HVAC system. Here are four basic benefits of an HVAC economizer, along with some considerations and warnings. What Is an HVAC Economizer? Maybe you’ve heard about economizers but aren’t quite sure what they are. An economizer is a mechanical device or heat exchanger that’s designed … Continue reading 4 Benefits of Adding an HVAC Economizer

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How Much Time Are Your Automated Marketing Processes Really Using Up?

Automated marketing is a great way to streamline your marketing department and make sure that you can expand your reach and your customer base. In some cases, however, so-called automated marketing can take up a great deal more time than you think. Are you aware of how long your automated marketing tasks really take–and of where your time drains are? Consider how these strategies can help you become more aware of where you’re wasting time in your day–and how to reclaim it. Take a look at how long you spend on miscellaneous tasks. In many cases, miscellaneous tasks–those not really … Continue reading How Much Time Are Your Automated Marketing Processes Really Using Up?

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Pre-Launch: ‘BREADISTA – bake like a pro’ starts a unique bread baking subscription box...

LOS ANGELES, Calif., Feb. 28, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- Craving good bread led to the idea to develop this unique baking subscription box: BREADISTA. Have you ever checked the ingredients list of store-bought bread? Have you ever wondered why there is "enriched flour"?

Luxurious Hair Replacement Solutions with HCI Hair Solutions’ New Central Florida Location

LONGWOOD, Fla., Feb. 28, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- HCI Hair Solutions announces their new location. For the past 28 years, HCI Hair Solutions has been providing luxurious hair replacement solutions for Central Florida. Some of their clients travel from all parts of Florida and the country just to place their hair confidence with HCI Hair Solutions.

Vista Park Developers Have Secured Full Project Team for New Residential Development in Lamesa,...

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 28, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- Vista Park, LLC developers, Ron Smith, President at Smith Wealth Advisors, and Myles Richards, announced today that they have signed agreements with all of the key development team members, moving the Vista Park, LLC residential development project closer to an anticipated ground-breaking in June or July of 2020, pending City of Lamesa approval.
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