Must-See Miami County Destinations for History Buffs

As Miami County residents and business owners, we are proud to say we have something for all explorers: the adventurer, the foodie, the shopper, and even the history buff. Travel back in time and explore the evolution of history featured right here in Miami County’s hometowns. Believe it or not, there are more than 20 historic destinations scattered throughout our area. From museum exhibits, historical parks, museums, and more, we’ve listed out a few “must-see” destinations. Make sure these make your list as you plan your next trip to Miami County! Historic Locations in Miami County Johnston Farm and Indian

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Best Small Breeds for Hiking Companions

small Pembroke Welsh Corgi looks excitedly at camera while hiking on a mountain; hiking companion

You might be surprised to find that smaller dogs can keep up with all of your adventures just as a larger dog would. There are many smaller breeds known for their pluckiness and thirst for adventure! If you are looking for a smaller dog that’s well-suited for adventure, these breeds are great hiking companions along trails and outdoor excursions. Each of these dogs is small but mighty and built with endurance, obedience, and athleticism. Best Small Breeds for Hiking Companions Beagle The Beagle shouldn’t be a surprise here. They are smaller in stature but are commonly found on the trails! … Continue reading Best Small Breeds for Hiking Companions

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3 Plastic Materials Best for Outdoor Applications

Colorful children playground activities in public park. Safe modern children's playground made with outdoor plastic types..

Outdoor plastic products for withstanding the stresses of outside applications Plastic remains a big part of many things constructed for outside use.  In the past, wood or glass made up the construction of some of these things; but strength and durability were not optimum using these materials. Here we present some outdoor plastic products, commercial […]

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Guide to Grooming a Cat

Cat grooming; an irritated cat getting a bath

Believe it or not, cat grooming at home is possible. The thought of getting a bath from someone other than themselves might send your cat into a feline frenzy, but grooming your cat at home is easier (with fewer scratches!) than you think. All cats require some kind of grooming. Most cats are perfectly capable of grooming themselves; however, sometimes they need a little extra TLC when it comes to nail trimmings and the like. Grooming sessions aren’t just about keeping your feline looking fine. Keeping their coats clean, nails trimmed, and skin healthy offers physical comfort and reduces hairball … Continue reading Guide to Grooming a Cat

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