OhioGirl.TravelingWorld Day in Troy!

The Miami County Visitors Bureau hosted a mother-daughter day trip to Troy. Shockingly, the only time I had spent in Troy had been in high school for tennis tournaments and a few casual stops, mostly off the highway. Being somewhat central to us, Troy is a great destination for a day trip getaway. We started the day at The Sunshade Building, a repurposed building with multiple businesses internally. We enjoyed a Coffee 101 experience with Purebred Coffee Company. Owner, Noah, led us through a mini-course on Purebred’s history, coffee definitions, processes of beans, a roasting demonstration, as well as a

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The Float Troy Experience

Ready for an adventure that combines camping and floating on the Great Miami River? Look no further than Float Troy. It’s the only public floating tent experience in Ohio! Float Troy is a series of floating tents anchored on the Great Miami River at Treasure Island Park. Guests sleep on the river inside of their own inflatable floating tent! This unique camping experience is perfect for those who want to take outdoor adventures to another level. Troy, Ohio is an excellent destination for those who enjoy outdoor activities, but this is a unique experience altogether. Float Troy is the nation’s

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Surface Finish Options and Assembly Choices

wood grain with texture; surface finish options, assembly methods

Injection molding is one of the most effective ways to produce identical plastic parts and products. Plastic injection molding towers over other plastic molding methods because it’s simpler, highly reliable, and highly efficient. One of the key selling points of injection molding is the ability to create custom products that don’t require additional work. The […]

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What You Should Know About the DORAs

Warmer weather means getting outside and spending time with others. Now there is a new way to enjoy time downtown, the Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area, or DORA. This gives you the opportunity to have a drink and browse some of your favorite shops in Tipp City, Troy, and Piqua. Some general rules for DORA participants include, that you must be at least 21 years of age or older to participate and purchase alcohol. You cannot bring outside beverages or beverages bought at one establishment to another alcohol selling establishment. All beverages being consumed must be in a DORA-approved cup within

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