Harvestfest preparations continue

Harvestfest preparations continue as members of HYPE and the Downtown Tipp City Partnership setup for tonight's festivities.

Harvestfest Rocks the Downtown

All eyes are on the Downtown Tipp City Partnership as the third annual Harvestfest kicks into full gear this evening! Crowds of costumed adults descend on Tipp City's downtown...

Sam and Ethel's new sign

You may have noticed some activity in front of Sam and Ethel's today... Fred's Signs installed the newly refurbished neon sign! Over the past few months this sign has had quite a journey.

WDTN Winter's Yuletide Gathering Spot at Harrison's

Waking up at the wee crack of dawn to bring you video from Harrison's Restaurant of the Winter's Yuletide Gathering promo with WDTN's Jim Bucher. For more on Winter's Yuletide Gathering go to http://visittippcity.org For more on Harrison's Restaurant go to http://harrisonsrestaurant.com