Special Guest! Chris Dakin from Warrior Racing

In Episode 40, Mike and Greg plan to review some of the great show moments (Interview with the Boondock Saints, Phone interview with Locavores, Episode Point Five, etc.) as well as those not so...

Me on a Radio Talk Show???

There are certain experinces in life which I never imagined I would ever have the opportunity to accomplish, such as climbing Mt. Everest, dating a beautiful blonde, or being a guest on a...

Get Social! Radio – Special Guest Mark Bamberger

On episode Twenty seven which aired the Wednesday before Christmas, Mike McDermott and Greg Enslen reminisce on the holiday season, were chatty about the importance of family and then took a dive deep into civil litigation with their special guest Mark Bamberger of the Bamberger Law Company, headquartered here in Tipp City (right next to the Chamber of Commerce on South Third Street). Mark shared his in-depth understanding of the law and how he truly works hard to assist people in need. Mark also shared a bit about a new case of his where he is defending a professor at Edison State University who he alleges to have been fired improperly.

Episode Twenty five – Dayton Gems

This week Mike and Greg will feature the Dayton Gems, our new local IHL hockey team! While we did not have any inklink of the ownership change in the team last week, we will hopefully get to scoop the rest of the local media with the Gem's first public interview following the announcement that the team is under new ownership.