Tippecanoe Canal Jumpers 2010 Schedule

Our captain, Swifty and I attended a scheduling meeting with the Ohio vintage base ball clubs today. It’s great to see the enthusiasm from the other clubs throughout our state. The Clodbusters did a wonderful job coordinating the meeting.

Lucky Tippecanoe Sophmore Catches Ball

Tippecanoe Sophmore Mikey McDermott caught a foul ball to right field in tonights 6-5 Reds win over the Astros. He also caught one of the T-shirts shot from a cannon.

West Milton bows to Tippecanoe 21-7

This writer was very impressed with the preparations made by West Milton for our team's arrival on Friday night. Welcoming us into town were downtown vendors selling "Beat Tipp" T-shirts. Tippecanoe decided to go with the ever-popular "black out" theme. And oh-boy was Saturday night a night for fighting for the Tippecanoe Red Devils! OSCAA made a decision this year to revive the local competition with an out of conference game for the Red Devis with West Milton.