Christmas Door Competition at MUHS




Milton-Union High School Yearbook Staff 

The Christmas spirit reached the Milton-Union freshman focus groups before vacation. There is a Christmas door competition every year between the freshmen classes; they try to see who can create the best Christmas door. The mentors and the freshmen work very hard to decorate in hopes of impressing the judges. Judging of the doors occurred on the last day of school before Christmas break—Friday, Dec. 16.

First place with a Grinch theme was Miss Ashley Vincent’s class followed in second by Mrs. Erin Freisthler’s group with a gingerbread house, coming to life with lights in the windows.

In third place Mrs. Linda Netzley’s group was assisted by senior Taylor Lugar who provided the background for a very appreciative freshmen group. The mentors took photos of each freshman who then made his/her own snowflake background for the photo to stick on.

Rounding out the competition were Mr. Dana Dickison’s. Mr. Andy Grudich’s, and Miss Jodi Hill’s groups in fourth, fifth, and sixth places.

The following freshmen summarized the purpose of the activity and of the Freshmen Focus program:

Rion Tipton remarked, “It’s a nice experience. It gets us involved more because they are our ideas.”

Brooke Falb said, “It’s a fun competition and gets us to work together as a group.”

Kaylee Swartztrauber commented, “It’s fun to interact with people that we don’t usually interact with.”

Jessica Albaugh stated, “It’s a hands-on activity and having the mentors there helping us get us to talk to them and be friends with them.”

Mentors Kate Nealeigh, a junior, and Danielle Vincent, a senior, both expressed that this activity brings out the creativity in the kids and helps them to be themselves. They felt that it makes the class more enjoyable when they work together.

High school guidance counselor Ms. Paula Shaw summarized the activity. “It’s a good opportunity for freshman and mentors to work together and create something they can be proud of. During freshman camp before the school year they said they wanted to be creative and this is one way they can show their creativity.” 















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