Beginning this month, the City of Tipp City will begin posting public notices and urgent updates on TippNews DAILY in an effort to better inform residents of Tipp City of changes or emergencies regarding roads, utilities and essential services (fire, police). When you first visit TippNews DAILY all you have to do is hover over NEWS in the navigation bar and then click on City Government.

You can also find the City participating in other forms of social media including Facebook! Click Here to become a facebook fan of Tipp City!

TippNews DAILY is excited about this new relationship with the City that will allow them to very quickly release information important to residents about spot road closures, utility interruptions (storms), changes to the pool schedule, water main break, public safety announcements, etc.

The TippNews DAILY allows us to “share critical information regarding the operation of the City and the services it provides” stated Jon Crusey, City Manager “This is a great method to make the functions of our City more transparent.”

Articles posted in this section of the TippNews DAILY will be authored and contributed by the City Manager or Staff directly.