As summer winds down but the weather is still nice, the City of Tipp City staff wishes to remind citizens of a few rules….

1) Garage Sales are limited to 3 per year at any residential location. One Garage Sale sign is allowed on the property where the sale is being held, not in the curb lawn. Signs are not to be posted on utility poles, traffic signs, or anywhere off the property.
2) Check with the Planning/Zoning office, 667-6305 if you are considering building a deck, fencing/walls, a shed, a pool or adding to your home.
3) Weeds and grass must be mowed and maintained at a level not to exceed 10” in height.
4) Per Code 90.02 Animals at Large: No person owning or having control of any animal shall permit it to run at large in any street, alley, public park, other public place or unenclosed property. Check out our Dog Park at Kyle Park on S. First St. You must also clean up after your pet. Please pick up and properly dispose of your pet’s excrements.

If you have other questions or concerns we welcome your calls, 667-6305.