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Courtesy of the Record Herald; Printed 4.14.13

WEST MILTON — The West Milton Village Council put several wheels in motion with the common goal of improvement at its meeting April 9.

Council authorized Municipal Manger Matt Kline to hire Sharp Conway Architects of Dayton for an upcoming project pertaining to the West Milton Police Department.

“It is the desire of council to improve the facility and working conditions of the West Milton Police Division,” Law Director Charlie Sell explained. “This work should include a universal view of the entire city hall and how the municipality can improve our ability to deliver customer focused efficient services.”

The cost of the project will be $12,800.

Council also agreed to support the upcoming Milton-Union school levy renewal that will be on the May ballot.

“Council recognizes the importance of a high quality educational system as a main ingredient for achieving and maintaining an outstanding and healthy community,” Sell said. “The council of the municipality of West Milton urges all citizens to vote for the school levy to demonstrate the commitment to strong schools and a strong community.”

Street Superintendant Ben Herron informed council of some important accomplishments of the streets and grounds department.

“We’ve achieved a couple of monumental tasks that Manager Kline and I agreed would be beneficial to inform council and the community of,” Herron said. “Starting in December 2007, the Department of Transportation began a national project enforcing new regulations on signs. Basically those regulations meant important regulatory signs such as stop signs had to have reflective properties on them to ensure they could be seen clearly at night and we really tried to follow those regulations down to the letter to avoid any possible legal issues. I am pleased to report we have finalized this program which was overseen by Maintenance Worker Bob Adams with 100 percent of standards met.”

The Streets Department will now focus on the remaining non-regulatory signs, such as street signs. It has completed 15-20 percent of that project.

Herron also spoke of measures to save money related to the muncipal’s street cleaner.

“Head Maintenance Worker Dusty Lavy has taken money saving measures and done a lot of important maintenance work in-house that has roughly saved us about $20,000,” Herron explained. “We are taking every measure possible to save every dime we can.”

Herron also updated council on the delay in shifting from winter projects to spring projects due to the prolonged winter season and stated the Streets Department is now on track to complete work related to spring cleanup projects, such as hanging banners.

Kline continued with the theme of cleanup as he gave an update to Council on working in conjunction with Sell to revisit the Village of West Milton’s Exterior Maintenance Code. The code requires both residential and commercial buildings to maintain a standard of appearance.

“We are working together to clarify some of the wording included in the letters that are sent out to enforce the ordinance, which is an ordinance that probably hasn’t been utilized in quite awhile,” Kline said.

He also introduced the new owner of Miami Lanes, Adam Arnold, to council. Arnold addressed the council and expressed his gratitude to West Milton.

“I would just like to say everyone has just been so tremendous in welcoming me to the community,” Arnold said.

Other comments came from resident Doug Dafoe. He addressed council in regards to upcoming plans to redevelop the neighborhood that was formerly home to the Milton-Union schools.

“There have been different conversations happening amongst neighbors about what is going to take place and different thoughts and concerns have come up,” Dafoe said. “We hope that Council will really look at the plans from all different prospective.”

Councilmember Susan Willis responded to Dafoe’s comments.

“The Park Board meets the third Wednesday of every month at 7 p.m. and citizens are more than welcome to come and express their opinions,” she said.

Council also made minor amendments to meeting minutes from their previous March 26 session to clarify terms of alcohol sales for the Fall Fling.

“Alcohol ticket sales will run from 4-11 p.m. and tickets will be redeemable for purchase of alcohol from 4 p.m. to midnight,” councilmember Scott Fogle clarified.


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