-Bellbrook 10 M-U 0

By Brett Barnes


In the sport of football, weather often plays a huge role in games. For the Bellbrook Golden Eagles, rain and mud is a recipe for disaster. Bellbrook runs a spread them out, quick-hitting pass attack, and a wet ball is hard to throw and catch. A sloppy field slows even the fastest runner.

On Friday night in West Milton, Ohio, it rained and rained and rained, and Bellbrook struggled. They scored only three offensive points on the night. Unfortunately for the Bulldogs, those three points were enough to win the football game.

M-U started with the ball and methodically moved the ball down the field behind the running of #5 Kodey Wolf. The drive lasted 9 plays, moving all the way to the Bellbrook one yard line. On third down the Dogs lost two yards, and on fourth and three, Bellbrook stopped M-U, and touched the football for the first time.

Bellbrook’s first drive started well with two big plays into M-U territory, but the weather took over, and the Golden Eagles fumbled four times in five plays. They recovered the first three, but the fourth was recovered by M-U close to midfield.

Bellbrook continued to turn it over and over. In fact, they lost the ball a total of three times in the first half. Conversely, M-U turned it over just once, but that turnover resulted in a Bellbrook touchdown. London Cowan’s screen pass was picked off by #51 Jhakkem Thompson, and he rumbled 24 yards for the touchdown. Payne Sigman added the extra point for a 7-0 halftime lead.

Unfortunately, the best offense for M-U was in the rear view mirror. The Buldogs would only touch the ball four times in the second half. The most promising drive ended with a Cowan fumble deep in Bellbrook territory. After a Bellbrook early fourth quarter field goal made the score 10-0, M-U had to punt. The Bulldog’s third and fourth possessions ended in Cowan interceptions, and the game was over.

M-U finished the night with 210 total yards, while Bellbrook had 290. M-U currently stands 0-4.