Zubels Collin Bunny

There are several definitions for what exactly constitutes Eco friendly or environmentally sound in the world at today. This is no different in the world of toys and toy manufacturing; there are however in both cases some over arching concepts to help guide these definitions. Generally speaking ( as far as toys are concerned) a toy is considered Eco friendly if it falls into any or all of the following categories:

  • If it is manufactured from natural materials
  • If it has non-toxic paint coatings
  • If it is made from sustainable or recycled material

Other categories can be taken into account but these are the primary ones to think of. Cairns Toys offers several toys that meet or exceed these and other standards to be considered Eco friendly. One such toy is 4 In a Row. The wood used in this toy is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. This is the most trusted symbol for responsibly managed forests and signifies compliance with the highest environmental standard.

Thats just one of many Eco friendly toys offered at Cairns Toys in Tipp City OH. Other exciting Eco friendly toys include items like Zubels hand made knit toys made with Eco friendly dyes as well as the durably constructed bamboo Panda’s Pick Pick-up Sticks. Check out Cairns Toys for their complete line up of Eco friendly toy offerings.