Today, December 13th, 2022, Facebook announced that they will shut down Facebook Jobs on February 22nd, 2023.
For small business owners, Facebook Jobs has been a low-cost way of listing available jobs while properly targeting local workers with the right skills. The industries hit hardest by this news are restaurants and bars. During the COVID lockdown, Facebook Jobs was a primary listing service for “Essential Worker” jobs like warehouse, food, and transportation.
“It’s primarily blue-collar employers that this news will hardest hit,” shared Mike McDermott, President of Bash Foo, a digital marketing agency. “I think it is a further sign of financial turmoil within Facebook and their deep desire to monetize every service and procedure provided by the social media giant.”
The job ads that could be placed within Facebook Jobs were not only listed within the employer’s news feed from their Business Page but the listings could be “boosted” so that would-be workers could see the advertisements without following their page.
“It’s unclear right now what employers will do,” shared McDermott, “but employers need to start looking for options before February 2023 so that they have a plan for the Spring hiring of their workforce.”

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