by Greg Enslen, 10/03/12

Tipp City Mum Festival Weekend

It was the BIGGEST WEEKEND of the year in Tipp City—Mum Festival! As usual, the entire town was hopping with excitement.

Cruise-In. We wandered around the Cruise-In Friday night, and it seemed a lot bigger and busier than in years past. Between the cars stretching all the way to Dairy Queen, the crowds of people, the music, and the increased number of vendors, it was a busy few hours downtown. Topping it off, the folks from Warrior Racing brought down their NHRA drag racer and fired it up a few times for the crowd. Man, that thing was loud!

Mum Festival Parade. My wife Samantha and the kids walked in the Parade as part of the contingent from DREAM, the dog rescue group. I enjoyed the parade from the Methodist Church parking lot, coffee in hand, and strolled down to Fourth Street for a better view. Is it me, or did the parade seem shorter than usual this year?

Mum Festival. What a crazy weekend! I never actually made it to the festival for the food and fun—and the famous Fireman’s Waffles—but it looked packed every time I drove by.

Tippecanoe Base Ball Cup. Teams from all over gathered in Tipp City Sunday morning for the 3rd Annual Tippecanoe Base Ball Cup, hosted by the Tippecanoe Canal Jumpers. The tournament featured six clubs, duking it out 1800s-style for the coveted Cup…